Are you an author? I know I am.

Being an author nowadays seems to be something very similar as playing a game: you might not know the other players, as they might not know you, but if you play the right cards, you’ll stay in the game for a long, long time…

«Today, few question the notion that digital, networked media have profoundly changed the information landscape, as well as the means of social interaction. Perhaps the greatest change is that digital media have provided access to an unprecedented amount of information available for public consumption. Until recently, the enormous cost and complexity involved in producing and disseminating information limited the number of information providers, who generally had substantial financial investment in the media apparatus. Network and digitization technologies, however, have lowered the cost of information production and dissemination, thus increasing the sheer amount of information available. Indeed, the adage “On the Internet, anyone can be an author” is largely true, barring, of course, a few wellknown caveats about cost and access to technology.»

METZGER, Miriam J., FLANAGIN, Andrew J. (2008) – Digital Media and Youth: Unparalleled Opportunity and Unprecedented Responsibility. Em: METZGER, Miriam J., FLANAGIN, Andrew J. (eds.) (2008) – Digital Media, Youth, and Credibility. Cambridge, MA: The MTI Press, pp. 12-13


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