Metropolis and “the mediator”

[The poster above isn’t the original one, but a french version I really like.]

Only recently I saw Fritz Lang 1923’s movie, Metropolis. Being a silent movie, and with few action at the beggining, I must admit I almost fell asleep at the first scenes, and had to watch it in two sessions. Even though, I really loved the movie. The “futuristic” scenarios, the story, the message…

The final message, “The mediator between head and hands must be the heart!”, made me remember the present economic system, where capitalism rules and people are treated as objects. Also, the movie focus mainly in the human side of technology, and its consequences.

Seen from the outside, the city works, it’s technologically advanced, it’s prosperous. Inside (in this case literally in the underworld), workers work for several hours, doing arduous tasks, and receiving few in return. The funny thing is that without that “dirty” side, that everyone tries do hide and ignore, the city simply doesn’t work.

[now this is what I believe to be the original 1927 poster]

By the way, (a site I find very interesting and that I check almost everyday) posted some photographs from the Behind the Scenes.

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