Open Day – FBAUL

Today I presented part of my investigation for my master’s thesis at Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon, at the Master’s Degree in Communication Design and New Media’s Open Day.

I talked about the relationship between visual design and perceived credibility, in the print and web contexts. The first was related with the projectual activity developed at the first year in the course, and the second with my current investigation.

Not wanting to reveal the heath websites I’m currently studying, being that the users’ tests haven’t taken place yet, and it could compromise the study, I showed some websites in the News and E-Commerce categories.

I link them here, for those who might want to review (or see for the first time):

Good exemple: Reuters
Bad example: Haiti News Network

Good example:
Bad example: Arngren

The study I’m developing, alongside my colleague Tiago Machado, will evaluate the visual design of the websites, through Gestalt’s organization principles, witch where adapted for digital interfaces in Kevin Mullet & Darrel Sano’s Designing Visual Interfaces. We will also evaluate the credibility of the websites, and associate the two factors.

The [adapted] Gestalt’s principles to evaluate are:
. Elegance and simplicity
. Scale, contrast, and proportion
. Organization and visual structure
. Module and program
. Image and representation
. Style


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