Ministry of Silly Walks

Monty Python got it all wrong in this sketch. If a Ministry of Silly Walks really existed, it would be the one with the highest budget. Cutting in education and health has to have some purpose, and the [world] crisis can’t be the only one.

Last week I read a review in Jornal de Negócios which related high scholarly levels with a country’s economic viability. The average percentage of population that finished the 12th grade in Europe is 76%. In Portugal it’s about 30%. An undereducated equals an under-informed population, that can’t even vote properly, and more easily believes in what is told, not differentiating between a lie (or a populist measure*/suposed promise) and a truth. But, hey, why bet in education when we have a much better thing called the silly walk?


* Apparently the new tendency is being popular taking unpopular measures


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