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September 15 – Lisbon

The people is sick of lies.
And got out to the street.

Terreiro do Paço, 2008

Encontrei umas fotografias que tirei ao Terreiro do Paço em 2008, na altura em que ainda tinha a calçada portuguesa, estavam a decorrer as obras no metro e na estrada que entretanto fecharam (do lado esquerdo, estando de frente para o rio). Acho interessante ver o antes e o depois. Será que ficou melhor? Na minha opinião sim, com a abertura do Cais da Colunas e de várias esplanadas, bem como pelas restrições ao trânsito. Só tenho pena que não tenham mantido a calçada, que faz parte da nossa cultura, e os bancos, que até eram simpáticos para quem quisesse descansar um bocado a apreciar uma boa vista.

Ministry of Silly Walks

Monty Python got it all wrong in this sketch. If a Ministry of Silly Walks really existed, it would be the one with the highest budget. Cutting in education and health has to have some purpose, and the [world] crisis can’t be the only one.

Last week I read a review in Jornal de Negócios which related high scholarly levels with a country’s economic viability. The average percentage of population that finished the 12th grade in Europe is 76%. In Portugal it’s about 30%. An undereducated equals an under-informed population, that can’t even vote properly, and more easily believes in what is told, not differentiating between a lie (or a populist measure*/suposed promise) and a truth. But, hey, why bet in education when we have a much better thing called the silly walk?


* Apparently the new tendency is being popular taking unpopular measures

Typography and Kids

I particularly enjoyed the “Just Kidding” section.

(And I don’t know about you, but I could’t do the “Ornament Match” without peeking into Indesign font glyphs)

The image comes from the book Hyperactivitypography.
The book can be previewed here.

What happens if you bug me off OR My midnight company

Just entered through my window while I was working at the computer.
After butting the lamp for a while, it decided to land on the ground, and I caught it with an empty sundae’s glass.

I really hate killing bugs (it bugged me a bit alright, but hasn’t harmed me).
Next task will be freeing it again in the nature.

Monstro das Bolachas vai passar a comer fruta e vegetais

Eu diria que é uma imagem pouco credível. Mas se calhar sou só eu.

Artigo no DN.