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URLs credibility


Just think: when you do a Google search and you have a bunch of possible links to click on, which one do you choose?

I, for instance, when looking for new webdesign solutions, try not to click on forum websites and instead prefer blogs or online magazine’s websites. Also, if a weird URL appeared, I certainly wouldn’t click on it, or else if I hadn’t this “defense” I’d spend much more time searching the web.

Here’s an article about it, and a quote:

We found that searchers are particularly interested in the URL when they are assessing the credibility of a destination. If the URL looks like garbage, people are less likely to click on that search hit. On the other hand, if the URL looks like the page will address the user’s question, they are more likely to click.


Are graphic designers ruining the web?

John Naughton, in his Guardian’s article Graphic designers are ruining the web, says «I value content more highly than aesthetics». Although I [really!] don’t agree with his viewpoint, I believe this is an interesting article to read.

One of the things he says is that websites have been gaining weight over the past few years, and that it is the designers fault. I can somehow understand it, imagining those websites built with Flash, that seem to take forever to load (I usually get bored and switch to something else). What I can’t understand is how can someone prefer an “underdesigned” website like this. Yes, the information is all there, but yet… the information is ALL there! I just didn’t knew which part of the page to look first, I got easily confused and wished to “change the channel” the moment I entered.

Mr. Naughton mustn’t be aware of the tons of empirical studies and papers around the subject of the relationship between aesthetics and the credibility of a webpage. The aesthetic part of a page doesn’t merely serve to make it beautiful but also functional. In the Stanford’s study How Do People Evaluate a Web Site’s Credibility?the subjects attended on the design’s look as taking the most important role in evaluating a webpage’s credibility (46.1% over all the other characteristics [information design, company motive, advertising, name recognition and reputation, etc.]).

So, to the question Are graphic designers ruining the web? I answer: No, they aren’t. They are making it more easy to read and navigate. Of course this isn’t always the case, having in mind that as in every profession there are good and bad professionals. But lets focus on the good ones, who accomplish the goals of aesthetic importance to information readability.